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Hannah Faulke Portfolio June201538What is brand?

Brand is more than just a logo. Brand is a collection of perceptions, thoughts and ideas in a customers mind. It is how you answer the phone, the first impression of your business card, your street appeal, what customers say about you.

Customers determine their first impressions of a business within milliseconds. Imagine what impact this has on their decision whether to purchase from you or not.

First impressions count, and with a competitive online and offline world, it is even more pressing for small to medium businesses to have a compelling brand that sets you apart from today's crowded visual and information landscape.


What's the ROI for my brand?

These days branding plays an influential role in converting potential customers into sales.

Sometimes the result of investing in brand can be difficult to measure, however the results are more than tangible. From our experience, listed below are just a few of the tangible results seen with our clients who have invested in their brand.

Clients have reported results including:

  • Saving money and time by avoiding unfocused marketing initiatives
  • Increased clients’ business confidence
  • The new brand encouraged an emotional response from customers and love towards their brand
  • Gave clients clarity in communicating company vision clearly to staff
  • Brought understanding to clients’ market position in relation to competitors
  • Articulated what sets their business apart in the market
  • Raised clients’ company profile and marketing efforts
  • Provided professional backing to assist in the success of new business opportunities for clients
  • Shifted clients to a new level of thinking and professionalism


Brand Services

Customer Research

Gain insight into the customer’s perception of your brand, your offerings, and their purchasing habits. With these findings we are able to tailor communications to the customer. These customer findings have practical application across multiple areas of business development.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is informed by customer investigation, company vision, and unique product/service insight. This documented strategy becomes the unique blueprint for your business, bringing focused growth, and clarity for marketing efforts and ongoing business development.

Brand Identity

Built on a sound strategic platform, and fed by customer investigation, Brand Identity is about establishing a memorable visual structure for customers to instantly identify you with. Deliverables include logo, byline, and brand guidelines.

Brand Guidelines

Articulate the parameters of your brand for members of your brand community, such as staff, suppliers, and associations. They are your brand endorsers and need to know the brand story. Deliverables include a document of standardised visual guidelines, brand colours and brand-building tools.

Brand Book

A visual book championing the story of your brand. Good for getting staff buy-in to company vision, increasing company pride, induction processes, pitching for capital, and creating partnerships.


In such a difficult environment, naming today requires a balance of multiple elements from memorability, to uniqueness, availability, likability, and business relevance. The best name will be the sum of all these elements!


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