It was a gorgeous spring sunny day as I walked the highway to work.

Reflecting on the events of the night before, I remembered the bag in hand to pass onto my colleague.

The bag contents were nothing impressive. Just a rose my neighbour had hurriedly thrown over the fence.

"Wow!" exclaimed my colleague as I handed him the rose (he was much more passionate about plants than I!).

"This is a beautiful plant, where did you find one of such quality!?"

I went on to explain the neighbours antics, all the while my colleague looking like he had just discovered the jack pot.

"This is rose is something else! Its botanical name is Cannibis Sativa. A bit of a weed in some places!"


Have you ever had a customer mistaken you for something else?

Customers quickly give you hints about any identity problems when they struggle to get your company name right, exclaim that they 'never knew you provided that service!' or remain silent because your website failed to navigate a clear solution to their problem.

How can you improve your company identity and customer interaction?


Source: Inspired by a friends true event.

Image credit: Hannah Faulke, 15 minute typographic exercise