Yesterday I was driving through the city, contently directed through the myriad of twists and turns by my smart woman.

Having driven for a number of hours...I pulled over and asked my woman to find MacDonalds. She mapped me on Google and I was soon stopping for my favourite Caramel Hazelnut Latte. Aren't woman great!

I also got distracted on TradeMe, Grab One car deals and my favourite email of the week: Pak'n'Save meat specials!

Don't tell my real woman, but buying those specials online were a bargain!


This is a day in the life of one typical smartphone user.

60% of us in New Zealand own one of these devices, not to mention additional tablets and other computer technology.

Does your brand engage with your customers online, on all devices?


Your three quick checks:

  1. Are customers frustrated because your website doesn't allow them to easily navigate on small devices?
  2. Do customers get lost because your physical premise and website aren't visually consistent and quickly identifiable?
  3. Is your company a fantastic product or service, and yet your website doesn't give this impression?