The four-year-old son of a family in Africa spotted a picture of a little red dinosaur in a magazine and set his heart on having one. His mum knew it was impossible (the magazine was three years old).

On Christmas Eve, a box arrived from home. At first glance it seemed to contain something special for everyone – except for the four-year-old boy.

When they reached the bottom – they were stunned.

Before taping up the box, at the last minute the lady sending the box had tossed in the one item impossible for his parents to provide – something so insignificant to an adult, yet not for the child.

What was it? ….a red plastic dinosaur (in a box) from a fast-food restaurant promotion!

Kids of restaurant customers love these Happy Meal toys. They have become so powerful in making a purchasing decision, that American law is being changed to have these toys served only with healthy meals.

What relevant brand touchpoints are you building on with your customers to help create a lasting impression?


How can you develop Brand Touchpoints?

Marketing communications make up some of the many touchpoints between your company and the customer. It is here where first impressions count. Communications must also be backed with clear brand strategy and marketing strategy, and can include in-store retail promotions, direct mail, and promotional material.

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Source: Story inspired from The Word for Today, Radio Rhema.