I am young, always bubbly and very hyperactive.

Some of my friends describe me as a bit irresponsible but I like to think of it as being adventurous.

I am an adrenaline junky really. So much so, I've invented my own sports and even built myself a sports stadium. Originally from Thailand, I grew up in Austria and now live all around the world.

Who am I? A football team or an energy drink? This brand owns stadiums, Formula 1 and football teams, and even fighter jets.

Red Bull have taken brand personality the full distance by creating and owning the sports events they advertise with.


How can your brand improve its personality and reputation?

What alliances, sponsorship's, or even new events could raise awareness of your brand and 'give you wiiings?'

In the last Short & Sweet we asked if your brand was a person how would customers describe you?

Did you ask your customers? If so, I'd love to hear the findings you came across.


Source: Secrets of the Superbrands Series (BBC)