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Kāpiti Coast District Council Pre-election Report

Project Description

The pre-election report is a publication produced every three years prior to local body elections. As part of this, the council sort a new approach for how the pre-election report would be designed compared to previous years. 

The Objective:

Ensure the report is:

  • authoritative, user-friendly
  • clear about significant issues and challenges ahead for the district; continue to be positive and inspire confidence in the management of the organisation
  • balances aspects about Kāpiti’s lifestyle that people enjoy while pointing to bigger issues
  • presents a clear ‘story’ which joins up disparate issues
  • use evidence to present information credibly
  • has ‘no surprises’ for people contemplating standing for office.

The Solution:

Eden Design teamed up with a copywriter and Kāpiti Coast District Council to deliver this 44 page report.

The PER was used in the induction of elected members (post-election) and by staff to see the overall context of their work and what it was contributing to.

The publication report has been designed with clear section breaks for navigation, pullout data, quotes and facts, and locally-based photography.

The design and copy approach used in the PER was carried through into the Annual Reports for 2019 and 2020, which won awards as a result.

Project Details
  • Client:
    Kāpiti Coast District Council
  • Categories:
    Design, Publications
  • Services:
    Document report design
    Infographic design
    Team collaboration
In their own words
We presented the report to councillors in a briefing this morning and fair to say it was well received. The Mayor said it was the best council document he has seen.
Project co-ordinator Project co-ordinator
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