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KCDC Kapiti Recovery Plan 2020

Project Description

In response to the impacts of COVID-19 upon the district, Kāpiti Coast District Council put together a Kāpiti Recovery Plan. The plan takes a broad approach, tackling issues and opportunities across the community.

The Objective:

Present critical information in a way that engages greater readership and celebrates the people and activities on the Kāpiti Coast.

The Solution:

This is a 48-page plan that has been designed to be consistent within the family of other recent strategies and plans (including the Economic Development Strategy). Six unique icons define the recovery plan objectives and feature throughout as visual navigational cues. The choice of photos celebrate the people of Kāpiti and the beauty of the region.

A central-feature infographic summarises the recovery framework. The brief for this was to take the vision, aims, objectives and principles and illustrate them in a way that showed the relationship and growth between all four areas. Numerous sketched concepts were worked through between the designer and Council team to ensure the relationship between the vision, aims, objectives and principles was represented correctly. The final solution was an abstract budding flower, representing all-encompassing growth and vibrancy, and successfully turns a large amount of text into a visually engaging piece for readers to easily digest.

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